We are consumer-focused brand architects. Obsessed with brands and their relationship with humans. We partner with the fearless who ambition to become iconic and stand at the forefront of popular culture. Brands who are shaping tomorrow through visionary products, services and experiences.

We believe that today, growth is no longer solely driven by product innovation or multichannel distribution but by communities and the ability to learn from customers to deliver differentiated and exceptional experiences.  To win in this fas-moving market, we help founders build strong companies designed to sustain progress and scale rapidely and sustainably. We have gathered a global community of independent strategists, creatives, technologists, artists, producers and media gurus to transform brands into rocketships.


We believe in dismantling the traditional pyramid of power where decisions are bottlenecked at the top. In our studio, authority is distributed to roles, not titles, ensuring decisions are made at the most informed levels. Every creative mind is empowered to lead, to decide, and to act within their domains, fostering an environment where ideas can flourish without hierarchical constraints.

Client Collaboration

In holacracy, our clients are not mere recipients of our creative endeavors but active participants in the creative process. This partnership approach ensures that our work is not only inspired but also deeply aligned with our clients' visions and values, leading to outcomes that resonate and impact.

Sustainable success

We recognize that our success is not measured by profit alone but by the fulfillment of our purpose. Through holacracy, we align our daily efforts with our broader mission, ensuring that our work not only delivers value to our clients but also contributes to a more vibrant, creative, and connected world.

About the founder

For nearly two decades, Jeremy Schinazi has been responsible for the successful development of numerous global brands and corporations.

He started his career at Fred & Farid Advertising as an Art Director. At the age of 27, he was named Vice President and Head of Digital at FCB, one of the largest advertising networks in the world with offices in 95 countries and 9500 employees.

Entrepreneur at heart, Jeremy also founded a creative technology hub for luxury, fashion and beauty brands in Paris, New York and Hong Kong.

Jeremy Studied law in France, Business and Art in Miami and graduated from Stanford Graduate School of Business as well as Sciences Po Paris.

We are brand architects

We help entrepreneurs discover where their business is going to be tomorrow, and how to get there first.

We are brand architects

We help entrepreneurs discover where their business is going to be tomorrow, and how to get there first.